Marc Willems

Graduated from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in 1994. Alongside various courses, I pursued two additional certifications: IAS sports physiotherapy and manual therapy according to Marsman. I've worked for several years in various private practices in both the Netherlands and Germany.

Melvin de Wolf

Since 2017, Melvin has been working as a physiotherapist. He is efficient, outcome-oriented, and enjoys collaborating with other specialists both within and outside the practice.

Melvin prefers employing the latest treatment methods to address the root cause and limitations of the complaint, aiming to help patients regain their functionality at their own pace as quickly as possible.

Maartje van der Vis

Maartje has been working as a physiotherapist since 2016, thoroughly enjoying her profession. She also played field hockey for several years in the top league at THC Hurley. Her background in sports and experience in the field influence her approach to work.

She prefers a personalized and active approach, collaborating with you to create a treatment plan targeting the root cause of the issue. Together, you'll choose a treatment that suits your complaint and aligns with your preferences.

Wim Bertholet

In 1994, I graduated from HVA. Following my degree in physiotherapy, I worked for five years in private practices and hospitals in Germany and England. In 1999, I co-founded a practice in Amsterdam with Marc Willems. Additionally, I completed courses in IAS sports physiotherapy and Manual Therapy Marsman.

In recent years, I've delved into shoulder-related issues. To enhance my expertise, I pursued courses in NSA Stenvers (shoulder specialization) and 'Protocol for nonspecific and mildly specific shoulder pain' by D. Egmond and R. Schuitemaker.